Bill 83, Protecting Vulnerable people from Picketing

On May 31, 2010 MPP Sylvia Jones brought forth Bill 83, Protecting Vulnerable people from Picketing act. This act is to prevent employees from picketing in front of, or on the property of, supported group living residences. Middlesex Community Living operates 11 supported group living residences in Strathroy. Bill 83 passed its first reading on May 31st and was moved to a second reading scheduled for October 28th.

On October 28th Middlesex Community Living Executive Director Sherri Kroll, Manager of Public Relations Sionainn Pryce-Hynes, volunteer Rosina Trovato, and Speak Easy self advocate members Daniel B., Shelley L., Jesse S. and Carolyn K. boarded a bus with several other Community Living organizations bound for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to support Sylvia Jones as she took Bill 83 to its second reading.

On October 28th, Sylvia Jones was successful in getting Bill 83 read and passed to the third reading. Everyone in attendance was very excited.


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Middlesex Community Living is a not-for-profit charity that was started in 1965. We champion and advocate for the inclusion and citizenship of over 80 people right here in the Strathroy-Caradoc area.