Together, this grassroots movement spread across the province and helped people and their families achieve greater understanding, respect and, above all else, belonging.

That energy, that spark was and continues to be the Community Living movement.

And while this network helped change the mindset of many communities – from segregation to inclusion – there’s another chapter to this story that must written.

Spark Change in Your Community

Be one of the many Ontarians who wants to Spark Change and help write the next chapter of the Community Living movement – one that includes the full participation and engagement of all people and one that’s Inspiring Possibilities.

You too can Spark Change in your community, in your workplace, in your school and elsewhere. Learn about how others are sparking change by returning to the front page of the website and viewing our Sparks or nominate someone today.

Find out more about our Spark Change initiative here.

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Middlesex Community Living uses a person centred approach to supporting people to live as independently as possible. This approach truly reflects and meets the needs and capabilities of each person.