Are you a 'welcoming' local business or service provider?

Review the 5 Core Actions of a business or service that is 'Welcoming and Where Everyone Belongs' and submit the registration form to receive your door decal. 


- Place of business or service is physically accessible to all people
- Employees, & volunteers receive training on having a welcoming
attitude – one that is open to all people
- Information is provided to customers & visitors in a variety of formats, for example, using words & photos, etc …

- Employment or volunteer opportunities are provided to a wide variety of people, including some that may require adaptations to the workplace or other accommodations
- A kind & caring approach is extended to all customers & visitors -
everyone matters
- Efforts are made to intentionally support the success of other local
people, services, businesses, clubs, etc...

- Visitors & customers are acknowledged with a smile, a wave, a nod, or handshake
- Good listening & friendly responsive action is what you can expect here
- Efforts are made to thank all customers and visitors for coming in

- TIME is contributed to support local people & initiatives
- TALENTS & skills are contributed to support local people & initiatives
- TREASURES - funds or things - are contributed to support local people & initiatives

- The physical space is clean & clutter-free to reduce harm, hazards, or accidents
- Personal privacy is respected both during in-person & on-line
- The place is well lit

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Middlesex Community Living uses a person centred approach to supporting people to live as independently as possible. This approach truly reflects and meets the needs and capabilities of each person.